March 20 2018

Trump Claims NFL Owners Are "Afraid" of Their Players

March 20 2018, 11:37 | Doris Stokes

Greg Nash

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"They say, 'We are in a situation where we have to do something, ' " Trump said in an interview broadcast Thursday on Fox & Friends. "And I think it's disgraceful", he said. An NFL spokesman refuted Trump's statement.

- Only 28 percent of white respondents strongly or somewhat approve of NFL players protesting police brutality and racial inequality during the playing of the national anthem. The rest of the team stood on the field for the anthem and did not protest.

Personal Note: The fact that I defend the First Amendment rights of people in the U.S. doesn't necessarily mean that I approve of the way that those people exercise their First Amendment rights. People didn't die for the right to stand for a flag, they died for freedom and justice. What I can say is there is a very regular dialogue going on between the players, coaches and owners, as this is an issue that gripped the headlines. President Trump called the peaceful protest disrespectful.

Protests increased significantly during Week 3 of the National Football League season, with players on almost every team raising a fist, kneeling, stretching, praying or staying in the tunnel during the anthem.

Bills players take a knee during the national anthem prior to a game against the Broncos.


So basically, Trump loves the first Amendment, except when it comes to football players protesting racial injustice.

The NFL is adamant about making people understand that the league is not reeling following the recent slew of national anthem protests, which have sparked an ongoing trend. "Now that we obviously have your attention, let's put a stop to the divisive language and start a productive dialogue for positive change".

At Wembley last Sunday, more than 20 players from the Jacksonville Jaguars and Baltimore Ravens knelt on the sideline during the anthem.

Trump also suggested a solution to end the movement, which encouraged NFL fans to leave the game entirely when players took a knee during the national anthem.

The Professional Football Players Mothers Association (PFPMA) recently sent a letter to Mr Trump regarding his campaign-rally comments about NFL players.

"They are under attack now and the (original) lesson has been forgotten", Lockhart said.

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