March 20 2018

Google Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL launch

March 20 2018, 11:33 | Mitchell Mccarthy

Google Pixel 2 event: Watch live here on Wed, Oct. 4

Google Home Mini

Google is hosting a media event today, October 4, where it is expected to reveal a pair of new Pixel smartphones, plus updates to the Google Home smart speaker and a flagship Chromebook laptop. The current Pixel handset version also introduced a new widget and Google search button, but some users have complained that these features can not be adjusted or removed.

Google also launched an action cam called Google Clips.

The PixelBook is 10mm thin and weighs a kilo and has 12.3-inch Quad HD LCD display, 512GB SSD, 16GB RAM and i5 and i7 processors.

To complement the new phone, Google also announced Google Pixel Buds, its take on wireless headphones.

To tempt Google Home users into upgrading to the Google Home Max, Google is also throwing in a year of YouTube Red to everyone who buys one.

Google Pixel 2 XL in this leaked image.

Google showed off some of the new capabilities of the digital assistant on the Pixel 2. Last year's Pixel launch took place at the same time.

They come with a recharging pack, which you can easily fit in your pocket and keeps them topped up with juice (battery life is about five hours, but the charger can hold multiple full charges).

The Chrome OS-running laptop is expected to be priced between United States dollars 1,199 and USD 1,749 and is expected to come with its own range of accessories such as a smart pencil. It'll come in coral, chalk, and charcoal colors, so hopefully, two out of those three will fit in with your home's decor (the coral color might be polarizing).

Google has announced a miniature smart speaker created to rival Amazon's wildly popular Echo Dot. From swipes to touching the right bud for Google Assistant, this is no common pair of headphones. Partnering with Wacom, Google was able to get the Pen to 10ms latency and 2,000 levels of sensitivity. Assistant can also alert users about an upcoming calendar event or incoming message. The device, just as you'd expect, lets you talk to Google Assistant by shouting "Ok, Google" and it will retail at $49 with pre-orders starting from today. The Pixelbook Pen costs an additional $99 (approximately Rs 6,500).

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