March 20 2018

Still feels more like August than October; showers on the way tonight

March 20 2018, 11:37 | Ann Lamb

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Clouds and a few sunny breaks.

Some showers after midnight into Sunday morning. The latest models are suggesting the steadiest and heaviest rain will be Monday afternoon and Monday night.

Monday: Cloudy, cooler with showers or a period of rain.

Sunday is an October beach day. Look for temperatures still above average and low humidity.

Late week and heading into next weekend, a cold front is expected to slowly move eastward, probably becoming stationary for a few days before shifting offshore on Friday. Clouds will thicken up early and rain will develop as the remnants of "Nate" (currently a tropical storm to our south) moves through. Look for a lot more cloud cover along with a 50% chance of afternoon showers and storms.

Sunday: A 40 percent chance of showers, mainly before 11 a.m.

Tuesday night: Partly cloudy, with a low around 44. The center of Nate is expected to make a second landfall along the coast of MS tonight.

While there could very well be some localized flash flooding, we are not too concerned about any widespread flooding at this time since it has been so dry the last couple of months. Highs will end up in the mid 70s on Monday. Then dry conditions will return behind the front, but temperatures will remain above average.

Friday marks the 24th straight day without rain for Charlotte and most of the WBTV viewing area outside of the mountains. We could have a stray shower or two come in the afternoon, but rain chances are still low at only 20%.

We need rainfall. Last week, the drier-than-average area doubled to almost 50 percent of the Northeast. Should be close enough to central IN to provide consistent rain chances for the southern half of the state later this morning. While much of the day will be rain-free, there will be showers in the state and perhaps even a few isolated thunderstorms. So, out of the long-holiday weekend, Monday will be the wettest and highs will be in the low to mid 70s.

Tuesday: Showers or a period of rain likely.

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